“At first we didn't want to spring for a planner because we were on a tight budget. I was pretty sure I could do it on my own. 2 months into it, after nearly pulling all my hair out, I called Varoca Weddings-(formerly The-Wedding-Loft). It was the best decision I made. Vanessa and Michelle took over. They got me a better deal on my menu and I saved enough to pay for their fee. Then they planned this amazing honeymoon in Cancun for us at the Me Cancun and I'm so glad we listened to Michelle who pushed us to spend the extra $300 to stay there, we stopped by the other cheaper hotel we wanted to stay at and boy were we glad we didn't! I highly recommend Varoca, worth every penny”

Nadine and Charles -West Palm Beach

"A friend recommended Varoca Weddings-(formerly The-Wedding-Loft) We immediately clicked with Michelle and Vanessa. They were fun, relaxed and very organized. As soon as we sat down to plan, we realized how much we really didn't know and how much we needed their help. We had a destination wedding in Trinidad and they took care of everything down to the activities for our guests in Trinidad. We just showed up and relaxed. Then Vanessa helped us put together a perfect honeymoon in Italy and Santorini, Greece. The hotels and activities were excellent and all within our budget!”

Herley and Reanna-Trinidad and Tobago

“We loved Varoca Weddings-(formerly The-Wedding-Loft). It took all the stress out of the planning. We really liked that we just went to one company for everything. They took care of our honeymoon, our out of town guests travel needs and we didn't have to coordinate any of it. Whenever someone asked us a question we just said, “Call Vanessa and Michelle”. Thank god they were there, it made everything so much easier!”

Stanley and Lourdes- Miami 

“We were getting married in NY and Varoca Weddings-(formerly The-Wedding-Loft) is located in Florida, we weren't sure how it was going to work really, but we fell in love with Michelle and Vanessa and decided to have them handle our honeymoon and other travel needs. Well, when we saw how great they were, we hired them as planners as well! I couldn't believe how well it worked even with them not being local. Vanessa flew up to NY for a few key meetings (She didn't even charge us for the trips), and everything went off without a hitch on the day of! I would highly recommend Varoca”

Jerome and Lisa-New York

They are the best! Don't hesitate. It's worth every penny! Take spring rolls instead of jumbo shrimp for your appetizers, save $1000 and put that towards Varoca Weddings-(formerly The-Wedding-Loft) I promise you it is worth it!”

Jay and Laura-Montreal