Where Passion Meets Perfection

Why pick Varoca Weddings? After all there are hundreds of equally excellent, trained and experienced planners out there. How do you choose? Simple, we make it easy. We are one of the only companies who are also Certified Travel Agents! So not only will you get a fabulous, committed, passionate, workaholic planner at your disposal but you now get someone to handle ALL of yours and your guests’ travel needs as well! You need to book hotels/cars for your guest? Varoca handles it. You want to do a destination Bachelor/Bachelorette party as a last hooray with your friends? Varoca will handle it! There is't a thing we won't do to make you happy!

 Thinking of a Destination Wedding? That’s our specialty! You’ve always dreamed of getting married on the Amalfi coast of Italy, but can’t afford to  fly there 3 times to plan the whole thing, no worries. We will fly to your destination as many times as we need to make your special day perfect. Want  to hear the best part? We plan your honeymoon for FREE! Yes for FREE! Now we know what you might be thinking, they   do ALL this, so they must  be  way more expensive! Negative. Our pricing is nearly the same or even less then what another planner will charge you without all these perks. Don’t  believe us? Not to worry, just pick up the phone and see for yourself. Call Varoca Weddings, we do it all. It's where passion meets perfection!