Vanessa Roc-Cantave

 As a Certified Wedding Planner & Honeymoon Specialist  Vanessa Roc-  Cantave will settle for nothing less than perfection. Vanessa has been planning  events, honeymoons and destination weddings for nearly a decade. She fell in  love with event planning at the tender age of 9,  while helping  in her aunt's  pastry and catering business. 

 Today, Vanessa brings to the wedding industry, the extensive knowledge and  experience garnered in her previous management career in the corporate world.  Her ability to efficiently manage a project, coordinate people in different  roles,  dot every I, cross every T while still maintaining the couple's unique vision, is  what makes her one of Florida's top Wedding Planners. This versatility is what  makes Vanessa one of the best in the business Most importantly though, it's  her  love of  the industry, her passion for what  she does and her warm and caring  personality  which causes  couples  to choose  Varoca Weddings. Call today to  schedule your complimentary consultation.

Michelle Ashmore

As an assistant Wedding Planner and Certified Travel Agent, Michelle Ashmore  is an absolute asset to Varoca Weddings. Without Michelle’s attention to detail, calm and collected demeanor and amazing attitude Varoca Weddings wouldn't  be complete. Michelle’s planning experience, passion and drive is what makes this dynamic duo so phenomenal. Michelle is definitely the Yang in the Ying of Varoca Weddings and makes the planning process go smoothly and efficiently.

Michelle and Vanessa have been friends for years and worked on many travel related projects together. They created the destination Bachelor/Bachelorette party company called Girlztripz in 2014. That partnership proved to be so successful that it was only a natural progression for Michelle to join Vanessa at Varoca Weddings as well. With these two professionals in their corner any   couple can be certain their entire wedding process will be an absolute success. Call Varoca Weddings today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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